Boxy Fleece Jacket


Form and function as a designer can be a difficult balance at times.  My designers have still not made the very important choice… closures. What do you think?  Leave your comments below.

My opinion was to close it with an off-angle leather strap and buckle, close to the top, so the jacket still can hang open and a little asymmetrically at the bottom.  This would allow the jacket to remain unconstructed but seem less “vertical” to the eye.



The jacket style is slightly boxy by design.  The heather grey of the dense fleece came across very straight so we ran with it as our choice of fabric.

We all loved the feel of the fleece.  It was a great weight and the linear look to the heather pattern was easy to design around.  We wanted a fun sporty look without an athletic touch to it.

What do you think?  Give us your ideas on how to close this jacket.  The team that is working on this are waiting for your suggestions on how to close this.

Our client in Chicago is excited so please hurry with good suggestions and maybe a drawing or two.  Leave your comments below.  Any and all comments will get an update and a picture of the finished jacket before its launch in Fall 2016.